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BATJ offers a comprehensive range of NGS services utilizing Thermo Fisher Ion PGM and Illumina HiSeq 2500 platforms to deliver fast, reliable and high quality sequencing and analysis results:


          - Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS)

          - Plasmids and PCR Fragments Sequencing (PPS)

          - RNA Sequencing (RNA-seq)

          - Targeted Sequencing (Gene Panels)

          - Metagenomic Sequencing (16S-seq)

          - Antibody Repertoire Sequencing (Ig-seq)

          - Others:

               - DNA-Protein Interaction Analysis (ChIP-seq)

               - Genotyping By Sequencing (GBS)

               - DNA MethylationSequencing (BS-seq)

               - For services not listed here, please contact us



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The Ion PGM system

Fast & Flexible

Turnaround time: 3-5 business days


The Illumina MiSeq System

Powerful & Efficient

Turnaround time: 3-5 business days